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Perhinig Holiday Home - View to the Mangart

The Mangart, 2.697 meters high

A high peak of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Access through Tarvisio, Italy, on the Mangart mountain road. Magnificent views of Slovenia, Italy and Carinthia. Experienced mountaineers can reach the peak by way of climbing tracks.

Perhinig Holiday Home - View into Gail Valley

View into Gail Valley


Perhinig Holiday Home - View over the border to Italy

View over the border to Italy


Perhinig Holiday Home - Winter in the Gail Valley

Winter in the Gail Valley


Perhinig Holiday Home - Meadow near Hohenthurn

Meadow near Hohenthurn


Perhinig Holiday Home - The Church of Hohenthurn

The Church of Hohenthurn,

first mentioned in official documents in 1369. Its patron saint is St. Cyriakus.

Perhinig Holiday Home - Dobratsch (Villacher Alpe)

Dobratsch (Villacher Alpe), 2167 meters high.

A mountain near Villach offering stunning vistas of the region. It is also the site of a disastrous earthquake and mountain slide which took place in 1348. Today it is easily accessible by a gently sloping road, 16,5 kilometers long, with many roadside turn-outs for resting and admiring the views.

Perhinig Holiday Home - Hohenthurn


In the background, Mt. Dobratsch.

Perhinig Holiday Home - Mount Oisternig

Mount Oisternig, 2.050 meters high


Perhinig Holiday Home - Julische Alpen

View to the Julische Alpen

View to the Julische Alpen Mountains at the Slowenian and Italian Border.

Perhinig appartements - Gail river

Gail river

The river Gail near Hohenthurn

Ferienwohnung Perhinig - Arnoldstein


In the nearby Arnoldstein a bunker museum with Cold War era defense constructions, a shot tower, a grocer museum (Tante-Emma-Laden-Museum), several churches and chapels, the museum of the market town Arnoldstein and a monastery castle can be visited.




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